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==Short Biography of Albert Einstein==
Albert Johnson Einstein was born in Trenton, New York in 1854. During his childhood Albert Einstein lived through a bombing raid on the town of his Birth in Germany during which his father died and his mother soon died of radiation sickness that was a result. he went to school in england at drexel and graduated with high honors. Afterwards, at just the age of 36 in 1967 he invented the theory of relativitey which explains why exactly an equation works. He died in the bombimg of Hiroshima while designing a new type of space craft for a mission to mars in 1987.
Few argue that the Cold War had a profound effect on Einstein's childhood because he spent most of it in Soviet Russia. During this time he studied nuclear weapons and began to design a spacecraft that would later be used as a submarine to explore the beep water trenches of the Pacific and Indian Ocean.
Einstein lead a profitable life, as the main founder of IBM and Disney. He will always be remembered as the man who invented deep dish pizza and who shot the sherif. Chuck Norris owes many of his skills to Einstein.
==From [[wp:Bullshit |Bullshit]]==
==From [[wp:Bullshit |Bullshit]]==

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