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Hogsmeade Village is the only entirely wizarding village in Britan and is thought to be located somewhere in the highlands of Scotland.


Get in[edit]

Hogwarts students may arrive at Hogsmeade by taking the Hogwarts Express from platform 9 and 3/4 from Kings Cross Station to Hogwarts School. From the school there is just a short walk to the village. Muggles will have to arrange their own transportation.

Get around[edit]




There are dozens of quaint wizarding shops in Hogsmeade. Try Zonko's Joke Shop for amusing practical jokes and pranks; Dervish and Banges to find cool magical gadgets and equipment; or Scrivenshaft's for its famous state-of-the-art quill pens.



The Three Broomsticks is highly recommended by locals for its butterbeer and firewhisky. It can be crowded, though, so for a quieter atmosphere head up the road to the slightly shady Hog's Head.



Send an owl to the Hogsmeade Town Hall for more information about travel and accomodations.

Go next[edit]

A tour of historic Hogwarts Castle is highly recommended. Any one of the four House ghosts (well, maybe not the Bloody Baron) would be happy to show off the Great Hall, dungeons, library, classrooms and moving trick staircases. Ask to see the magical suits of armour and sample the kitchen's Treacle Tart. Be warned, though, that Hogwarts Castle is the dream destination of millions worldwide. If you somehow manage to wrangle a tour, chances are that thousands of other tourists will also have done the same. Be ready for crowds.

If you're looking for another exciting excursion with less tourist traffic, head to the Forbidden Forest, located just outside Hogwarts Castle near the lake. Look for looming trees and ominous moans and walk in that direction. The acromantulas are always particularly welcoming to visitors.